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Paragraph 79 House

We have been approached to design a property on a site surrounded by woodland. The site is firmly within the countryside where planning is restricted for new houses. We are in the process of applying under ‘Paragraph 79’ (previously Paragraph 55) of the National Planning Policy which requires the proposal to be ‘truly outstanding or innovative’. After a positive response from the Suffolk RIBA Design Review Panel, we are quietly confident about our design.

Positioned in a clearing to the centre of the wood, the hard concrete aesthetic will provide a pleasing contrast to the soft, organic character of the site. An expansive glass elevation to the living accommodation would be distinct from the imposing entrance elevation.

We have a full team of consultants on board to truly make the most of the site including; Enhabit who specialise in Passivhaus (passive house) construction, Richard Morrish a landscape architect who has previously worked on Para. 79 proposals and Wild Frontier Ecology who will be helping with the habitat provision in the restored woodland.

Click on the video below to see a sketch render of the proposal.