Heritage Appraisals

A heritage appraisal is an important component of a Listed Building Consent application, and the provision of historical information regarding a building is a mandatory requirement. The benefits of commissioning such an appraisal include:

  • A greater understanding of the history and architecture of the building being altered is achieved, which informs the initial design process, as significance of the structure is better understood by client, designer and the local authority. This results in site meetings and design time being focussed and informed from the outset.
  • A thorough report can often reduce the number of conditions a local authority may attach to Planning or Listed Building Consent, potentially removing the need to submit further information at a later date.
  • The client commissioning the report benefits from a greater understanding of their property.

Appraisals are researched and written with James Darwin, Architectural Research, an experienced specialist with a thorough knowledge of the planning and heritage sector, and reports are prepared in accordance with English Heritage guidelines. We have experience of researching a wide variety of structures ranging from a compact Victorian Pump House to farm complexes, multi-phased country houses and public buildings.

Our reports have a reputation amongst Local Authorities for providing concise yet comprehensive research, and for drawing sound conclusions, backed by meticulous referencing and supplemented by a photographic record.