Dining room addition 01.jpg


The development of a brief of work is an essential starting point for any project, and at Westhall in Suffolk we worked closely with the client to establish accommodation requirements and a sense of stylistic preference.

It became clear that the most appropriate way of achieving the required accommodation, without confusing the existing architecture, would be with an addition immediately identifiable as modern and of independent character.

The farmhouse dates from the fifteenth and seventeenth century, and is Grade II listed. A porch and flat roofed‘sun room’ added during the 1960’s were demolished and replaced with a link structure and an L-shaped brickwork wall which forms the backbone of the new dining room. The over-sailing flat roof is supported on oak brackets fixed to a structural oak frame – the latter deliberately making visual reference to the construction of the main house and a preserved mullioned window.

A fair-faced concrete plinth, polished concrete floors and expanses of glass mean that inside and out, the addition appears modern and is well linked with the surrounding gardens, moat and wider landscape.

We have recently been re-engaged to complete further alterations to the house.