Website launched!

We've had some staggering feedback from clients, colleagues and friends on the website during the week since the launch, which has been very rewarding. The site could not have looked this stylish without the addition of recent photography by Stephen Wolfenden, who has the same eye for detail we aim to foster. Stephen's work is well known in Suffolk, specifically Southwold where his 'To The Town' series of books, which began in the '80s, are shot. He is also passionate about buildings and it was a joy to work with someone who understands what makes a door hinge as important as a room layout. His experience is broad though and more of his work can be found here:


It's been rewarding going through the feedback, especially to hear that we seem to have found the tone we were aiming for and we've taken on board comments and input. To this end there will be minor tweaks happening over the next few weeks, and we hope to keep the site fresh and interesting through the blog and with more photographs of projects as they develop. Here are some quotes we are particularly proud of:

"It is elegant and understated, and represents your practice and range of work very well."

"...a triumph of your well-tuned aesthetic eye."

"The most important aspect to an informative company is to have an adaptive website that tablets and iPads can utilise properly, a pleasure to surf."

"Very dignified and highly informative. I was able to follow the sections which all hung together and were clarity itself. I also enjoyed it. "

"... a very contemporary feel together with a concern for the integrity of old buildings. It has a really professional feel." "A very stylish website also very informative and very cool."