It all starts with the Heritage Appraisal

Very early days but we're excited and really pleased to be making a start on this project.

Consent issued

Pleased the local Planning Department and Conservation Officer believed in our scheme to gently restore this dilapidated 16th century barn and issued consent this morning. No spaces to be subdivided. No new door or window openings. Just careful consolidation and the creation of modern open interiors which allow the wonderful timber frame to remain the focus. .


We are pleased with this

Library addition sketch scheme for an arts and crafts villa, finished this morning. Hope our client likes it as much as we do. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 13.31.22.png

Eastend House, Lanarkshire

David Bryce, pupil and later partner of William Burn remodelled Eastend House in the 1860s. Warning: one image may freak you out, just a little.

Fascinating restoration possibility

In his capacity as Chair of the East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust, Paul recently visited the site of this abandoned brick kiln works. Various proposals are being put forward to ensure the heritage of the wonderful and bizarre buildings is retained. 

It must be Fate

Recruitment is always a difficult process, so it helps if you don't have to do it in the usual and formal way. It seems that if you start to write a job description for a new role, a role that encompasses myriad skills and also calls for an unusual person spec. and put it out into the ether, then unusual things happen. 

The contact form on our site encourages applications from interested individuals and at just the right moment just the right person got in touch.

Part 1, as she is now known, decided that she wanted to hone her architectural skills and was interested in the high standard of work here, identifying with our holistic and detailed approach, and the diverse portfolio of projects caught her eye. Following a nudge from the local Conservation Officer she got in touch. The match was perfect and she's now working here 4 days a week.

Part 1 is an intrepid traveller, starting young - at the age of six she flew on her own to visit her Peruvian grandparents and her diving instructor parents travelled through South East Asia, leaving her to explore. Her love of exploring led her to win a full scholarship to an International school, the Mahindra United World College of India where she volunteered all over the country.


When she returned to the UK to study Architecture at Oxford Brookes University she focused on humanitarian and post-conflict architecture. She worked in Nicosia in Cyprus on a conflict resolution project and her final year proposal was a City Farm in East London.

After university she bought a van in Chile and explored South America, finding an interest in cheese making after working at a goats cheese farm in rural Patagonia. The reason Part 1 started at only 4 days a week was because she has a day at Fen Farm Dairy making St Jude cheese. As you do.